Prof. Dr. Martin Welp visits the partners in Uzbekistan


On 6 January 2023, Prof. Dr. Martin Welp visited Tashkent, Uzbekistan to meet with the project partners "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers", National Research University ("TIIAME" NRU) in Uzbekistan. A meeting was organized at the "TIIAME" NRU where project activities were discussed. Bonu Azizova who works HNEE as a researches in the project joint the meeting.

Prof. Dr. Martin Welp together with the "TIIAME" NRU team and Bonu Azizova met at "TIIAME" NRU building to discuss project activities. Together they have visited the possible six locations of the model house that will be built in the frame of VEGERA project. The suitability of those location was discussed with the group. The project itself was introduced to the delegation that visits Germany for the workshop on "Developing strategic collaboration paths in the energy-efficient construction sector". It was also a great chance for HNEE members to be introduced with the delegation members and to learn about the expectations of the delegation from the upcoming workshop. Additionally, HNEE and "TIIAME" NRU have discussed the ongoing project activities.

At the end of the official programme, the "TIIAME" NRU organized a cultural programme for Prof. Dr. Martin Welp where he got to try traditional cuisine and visited several centuries old Chorsu Bazaar which is the oldest bazaar in the capital city.