Dilfuza Yuldasheva visited Uzbekistan and met with "TIIAME“ NRU and project relevent stakeholders


Dilfuza Yuldasheva visited Uzbekistan where she met project partners “TIIAME” NRU and project-relevant stakeholders in September 2023. On the 15th of September, she met with the project partners from the “TIIAME” NRU and hosted lectures for two different departments at the university. The next days, she met different stakeholders, specifically, from the Tashkent University of Architecture and Construction and the entrepreneur who is working with eco-houses.

During her visit to “TIIAME” NRU, Ms. Yuldasheva had a chance to meet with project partners particularly Prof. Dr. Bakhadir Mirzaev and Ms. Guzal Eshchanova to update about project from the both sides and talk about upcoming project activities. The next step of the visit was meeting the undergraduate students from the world languages faculty particularly studying English. These students were interested to learn about the education system in Germany.

The lectures were organized with the faculty of Agricultural Machines and Professional Education: Pedagogy faculties. There were also academics visiting the lecture. The lecture included a variety of topics according to what the speaker could deliver and what topics of interest were from the "TIIAME" NRU. These topics were climate change in Uzbekistan, human activities that harm environment particularly agriculture and irrigation practices in Uzbekistan, possible solutions e.g. agroforestry, and the VEGERA project introduction. Additionally, the lecture included information about the higher educational system in Germany and about HNEE. The lecture was organized in an interactive way where the lecturer asked various questions regarding the above-mentioned topics and the participants contributed with their knowledge and observations.

After the lectures, Ms. Yuldasheva met with the project's relevant stakeholders, namely Prof. Dr. Bakhriddin Khasanov and Dr. Farida Yusupova. With these stakeholders, Ms. Yuldasheva updated them about project activities and discussed potential educational cooperation.

During her visit to Uzbekistan, Ms. Yuldasheva met with two stakeholders Dr. Ikromjon Siddikov and Prof. Dr. Azamat Khasanov from the Tashkent University of Architecture and Construction. She had a chance to visit the new campus and see laboratories where students can conduct different experiments. On another campus, Prof. Dr. Khasanov demonstrated students’ work on different architectural projects.

Additionally, Ms. Yuldasheva met with entrepreneur Mr. Abdugani Kasimov and visited his furniture company. They discussed the synergies of the project with the innovative ecohouses he is building.