Visit of CIFOR-ICRAF partners to Uzbekistan


The project partners CIFOR-ICRAF the main office in New Dehli visited Uzbekistan from May 29th to June 4th, 2023, Uzbekistan. The hosting organization was the VEGERA project partner "TIIAME" NRU in Tashkent. This was a successful meeting of two project partners in person that took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The delegation members from CIFOR-ICRAF were Shiv Kumar Dhyani (Country Coordinator, India & Senior Agroforestry Specialist) and Aqeel Hasan Rizvi (Project Coordinator). During their visit, "TIIAME" NRU as a hosting institution, organized a program that included a variety of activities including visiting a wood processing company, eco-houses build using natural materials, visiting the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering (TIACE), meeting with relevant stakeholders and a trip to ancient city Samarkand.

The delegation members acquired a better understanding of traditional buildings in Uzbekistan and eco-houses with the trip to Samarkand and country site of Tashkent. Additionally, meeting with important stakeholders like entrepreneur Abdugani Kasimov to discuss on wood processing industry in Uzbekistan and visiting the wood processing facilities gave them a better understanding of local practices. Moreover, the delegation met an architect Prof. Dr. Azamat Khasanov in TIACE to discuss the model house.