HNEE participated in 6th RENN.mitte Annual Conference on the topic of "Sustainable Building and Living"


From the 10th to the 11th of May 6th Annual Conference on the topic of "Sustainable Building and Living - together - just - design" took place in Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE), Eberswalde. It was organized by RENN.mitte (Regionale Netzstellen Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien (in English: Regional Network Centers Sustainability Strategies)). Members of the VEGERA project, Bonu Azizova and Dilfuza Yuldasheva took part in this event.

The format of the conference consisted of podium discussions, inputs, excursions, and a project carousel. The two-day event explored many topics that included sustainable living and various aspects of social and ecological justice. In particular, a discussion on the topics of having affordable living, how to procure enough living space while there are empty apartments for the purpose of making a profit, and green spaces vs the need for housing areas took place. Excursions to Eberswalde projects, which showed innovative practical examples for sustainable building and living. One of the excursions focused on wooden buildings by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwarz, the Dean of the Department of Wood Engineering at the HNEE. During the excursion, a discussion on the special features of wood and wood as a building material of the future took place. 

The second day began with a panel discussion on the question "Climate-friendly and for all affordable building and living?". There the conflicting goals in housing provision were discussed by Reiner Hoffmann (Chairman RNE), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kropp (PIK), Prof. Amandus Samsøe Sattler (President DGNB e.V.), and Leonie Wipf (Architects for Future Deutschland e.V.). One of the workshops where VEGERA members took part was buildings as stores of recyclable materials. 

The insights gained during the conference were shared with the VEGERA group during the regular meetings.