National Dialogue devoted to women in Science in Tashkent


To celebrate International Women´s Day, a national dialogue dedicated to "The role of women in science", was held at "TIIAME" NRU on 2-3 March 2023. The goal of organizing the national dialogue of Women in Science was to celebrate the achievements of women in the field of education and science in Uzbekistan and abroad and involve women and girls in research. HNEE took part in the national dialogue where presenters talked about gender quality and representation of diversity as the core values of HNEE and project VEGERA.

HNEE as a partner of "TIIAME" NRU was invited to take part in the national dialogue. Prof. Dr. Markus Jahreis gave a speech on the faculty of wood technology in the HNEE and gender equality at the faculty. Additionally, Dilfuza Yuldasheva, a project coordinator of the VEGERA project gave a short presentation. In her presentation she introduced the VEGERA project, talked about how gender equality measures within the project and shared her personal experience in facing gender biases, and what can organizations do to change towards a gender-inclusive working environment. 

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