Visit of Uzbek delegation to Germany


From 13 – 20 February 2023, delegation from Uzbekistan visited Germany to take part in the workshop “Developing strategic collaboration paths in the energy-efficient construction sector” under VEGERA project. There, both project partners HNEE and "TIIAME" NRU and important stakeholders from Uzbekistan had a chance to have exchange of knowledge and fruitful discussions.

Uzbek delegation consisted of the VEGERA partners from the “TIIAME” NRU including Prof. Dr. Bakhadir Mirzaev the rector of the “TIIAME” NRU, associate professor Guzal Eshchanova, the dean of the hydrotechnical construction faculty Prof. Dr. Bakhriddin Khasanov and lecturer on construction materials Prof. Dr. Farida Yusupova. There were also important stakeholders Mr. Ikromjon Siddikov and Prof. Dr. Azamat Khasanov from the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Additionally, an important stakeholder who is an entrepreneur and pioneer in building bio houses in Uzbekistan Mr. Abdugani Kasimov was part of Uzbek delegation.

The delegation visited Eberswalde where had full day of inputs at HNEE. There were inputs and fruitful discussions from HNEE and “TIIAME” NRU project members, on the state of VEGERA project and how further proceed with the activities. Additionally, there were inputs from Uzbek delegation members on eco houses built in Uzbekistan by Mr. Kasimov. Delegation members had a chance to get to know HNEE and visit wood engineering faculty´s workshops including sawmill guided by Prof. Dr. Markus Jahreis. 

Next days´ the delegation visited various locations including Ackerbau(m) agroforestry project in Löwenberger Land, "Robeta Holz OHG" sawmill in Brandenburg, Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin where they learnt more about forestry practices in Germany and Max Haus which is a wood construction company.

During the weekend, the members of delegation had an opportunity to learn more about the architecture of Berlin and visit Reichstag building.